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Our Mission is to ensure both your products and your operations are as sustainable and as energy efficient as they can be. The results we deliver will improve your company’s financial performance, and together we can reduce the impact and stress of energy usage on the planet.

How does IsoMat™ work?

IsoMat™ works by employing the Flint Isothermal Energy Management System (EMS™).

In simple terms the Flint EMS controls the movement of thermal energy which can reduce demand on traditional energy sources, and ultimately reduce pressure on the planet’s natural resources.

The isothermal nature of the IsoMat™ drives thermal energy from a relatively warm place to a relatively cool place very quickly.

As a result, a product created with IsoMat™ technology maintains a consistent temperature across its whole length and breadth. This can be applied to improve product performance or reduce reliance and on traditional energy sources in many applications. It can make commercial refrigeration cabinets more energy efficient, improve the performance of EV battery packs and allow thermal energy to be harvested from the natural environment to directly satisfy the heating or cooling requirements inside the built environment.

EV Batteries

In EV battery management, the thermal energy generated by individual battery cells flow into the IsoMat™ pack casing. The net result is that all the batteries are maintained at the same, optimum temperature increasing pack life and allows faster charge and discharge. 


In commercial refrigeration cabinets, the simple replacement of the steel shelves with the IsoMat™ equivalent changes the way the cabinet operates. The thermal energy held in the merchandise flows into the relatively cold IsoMat™ shelf which is a far more energy efficient process of chilling then relying on traditional cold air circulation alone.


In buildings clad with the IsoMat™ energy naturally flowing from relatively warm surface into the IsoMat™ can be used to directly heat, or cool the building.

The list of future applications is endless

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Our Solutions

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Working together, we can be more creative in the way we channel the natural energy that’s all around us. We can preserve the planet’s natural resources by controlling the movement and management of thermal energy. 

That’s what we do with the IsoMat™, our isothermal energy management system.

Work with us to reduce your organisations impact on the environment, increase your sustainability credentials and reduce costs by managing energy more efficiently.