New and more effecient EV battery cooling with IsoMat™

Highly Efficient Thermal Management for EV Battery Cells

Flint, working with Vantage Power, Brunel University and Faraday grant funding from the UK government, has developed a highly efficient thermal management system for maintaining batteries in electric vehicles at their optimum temperature.

An EV battery cooling plate constructed from the IsoMat has been demonstrated to keep all battery cells in a large pack to 25C +/- 1C, which both extends range and increases battery life especially when considering fast charge and discharge applications.

A cooling fluid flowing at low pressure through one edge of the IsoMat plate absorbs heat generated by the battery cells. It does this using the phase change of a working fluid inside the IsoMat which provides the capacity to remove far more energy than a standard water-cooled plate, with the added advantage that no water flows close to the battery cells.

Key Benefits:

The Three Stages of IsoMat™ Cooling System:

With Flint’s IsoMat™, you can achieve highly efficient cooling that is both environmentally friendly and economically viable, paving the way for a sustainable future.